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Start-Up Business – If At First You Don’t Succeed…

The saying goes something like ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’. When you are starting a new business you have to keep this in mind if you are determined to make it work. If you have a ‘half-hearted’ attitude it won’t carry you through the hard times. You have to be totally engaged in your idea to get even to first base, let alone to make a home run.

Many times when we get an idea or have a dream, we are not realistic in our efforts to see it through. Many people who are attracted to the idea of starting a business from home online really do not apply themselves. They have an attitude as if they are in a magic shop and going to put a nickel in one of those machines that supposedly tells your fortune. ‘Let me see if this will work’ they muse. Does money tumble out of the slot? More than likely not, and then our half-hearted friend will surmise that this must be a scam because it didn’t match his fantasy of instant wealth without effort. So much for that, nothing to see here, move along to the next fantasy.

It is true that the marketing hype will make it sound like there is nothing to it except riding through the streets in your luxury car. It is not exactly a lie because people can and do achieve that; but the point is it is not instant or magical. Just like real life, everything requires effort and time to develop. Without a doubt the person who does become successful will go through a series of experiments until they find the way that works best for them and then they will work at it over time.

In some cases results can be achieved faster than in others, but the thing that doesn’t change is the need to be realistic and to understand that the person who succeeds has worked at it diligently; they were determined to see it through. If one thing didn’t work then they tried another – and another and another if necessary. The point is they didn’t give up or waste their energy feeling discouraged or blaming anybody or any thing. They kept a positive attitude and kept pushing.

There are many variables that determine the speed or effectiveness of various strategies to promote a business online. Sometimes it takes a few trials to find the ones that work the best. It is not a waste of time or money because you are learning a lesson from it. You should give everything a fair chance but hedge your bets – in other words try to get advice or recommendations from an expert or someone who has actually achieved success in your field, rather than just your best friend’s sister’s cousin’s brother-in-law ‘heard’. Not that you couldn’t possibly learn something from him, but do some research on what he tells you before you jump in head-first.

The point is that many people fail and the main reasons are that they don’t try hard enough and then they quit before they give themselves and the program or product a chance. The problem is really not the program or system or advice, but a lack of real motivation or determination. There is no way to do anything half-way. You either embrace it or you don’t really. If you do really, then eventually you will succeed, one way or the other. The bottom line is pay attention and don’t just give up without really trying.

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