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Emotional Response-The Hidden Key To Network Marketing

From a theoretical standpoint network marketing is probably one of the most brilliant systems or ideas for allowing the common person to build a profitable home business. This has been acknowledged by business giants like Donald Trump and others as well. Network marketing simply makes sense and allows an individual to start a business with very little money. It is almost like having all the benefits of your own business while enjoying the resources of working for a large company. It allows the entrepreneur to focus on marketing and making money instead of accounting, product development and delivery, customer service, and all of the other critical components of a successful company.

So why do many people fail in network marketing? There is no question that there is a high failure rate. There is also no question that you often see the same individuals achieve extremely high levels of success. Over and over the same guys will join any network marketing company out there and they’ll be making six figures within six months. At the same rate you will see the same people who will fail regardless of what company they join. So what is the difference?

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There are undoubtedly many factors which contribute to success or failure. If you take a look at what the average network marketer is doing in their business you will find that they are often focused on the product or service. If you take a step back and look at what the successful entrepreneurs are doing they are focused on marketing. It is clear that this is a critical component. So many believe that success is dependent on a great product or service that people need. That is an absolute fallacy. The truth is that you can sell anything to anyone because people are emotional creatures and all you have to do to sell ice to an Eskimo is to get him emotionally attached to you and the ice you are selling. People are not creatures of reason. They think they are but they are not. Emotion is stronger than reason. That is why great salespeople focus on getting an emotional response and that is done through marketing and advertising.

While everyone else is spinning their wheels trying to find the best product or service that they think people need and will by the successful people are busy selling whatever it is that is available. It is critical that you do not take this to mean that product or service quality is not important. It most definitely is important. You can’t survive long on a poor quality product. The point is that many companies have great products and services. In any niche or industry there’ll be many competitors who have similar quality products and services. The only thing a separates one from the other is the perception of the clients and prospects and that is an emotional issue. So having a great product or service is important but it is not why people buy your product or service. There’ll always be competitors who have the same level of quality. Clients will buy from you because of an emotional response to you.

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