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Free Ways to Work From Home

If you are thinking about working from home, the easiest way to get started is to get involved with affiliate programs that provide you with a ready-made sales web page and an affiliate ID. They do all the technical work and even accounting and customer service for you. Once you see what is necessary otherwise, then there are many different ways to create jobs you can work from home.

If it is necessary to start absolutely free, then one example of something you could do to introduce yourself to the concept of affiliate marketing programs would be to sell digital products for a site like ClickBank.com. You can just go there and sign up for a free affiliate account.

Once that is established, then you pick whatever products look good from the opportunities featured on the ClickBank site. Each program has a URL associated and by adding your Clickbank “nickname” (affiliate ID) to the URL, you create a ‘hoplink’. When someone clicks that link they ‘hop’ over to a web page that explains and either provides an order form or another ‘hoplink’ to one.

ClickBank is known to pay the highest commissions, which can be up to 75% of the cost of the product. By comparison you will see how high that is to the normal affiliate commission. Clickbank will process the sales transaction and provide customer service and send you a check!

There are many ways to advertise this hoplink online, many of them free. An example of a free way would be to create a free blog at blogger.com and write articles and post reviews about the product. Each post would include the hoplink which could be placed discreetly in either the body of the text (blog post) or in your signature or author bio box at the end of each message.

If you have not actually used the product or service yourself, you can still describe it in some detail (read the sales page and more or less rewrite it in your own words). You can detail the applications that you might use a product like the one you are promoting.

You can also approach this from another perspective and create an article about working from home in other mediums besides a blog – for example an article directory or ezine. You could describe your experience with being a ClickBank affiliate. Use the hoplink in your profile on the article directory as the link you want to associate with your account and articles.

In addition to blog and article marketing, you can submit your hoplink to link directories, search engines, classified ad bulletin boards, and use it at social networking sites and business forums. These can all be free. Of course you always have the option to use paid services as well such as list builders, PPC ads, traffic exchanges, etc., for a faster, easier ride.


You Don’t Need Much Money To Start a Home Business

The Internet is easily accessible to everyone and actually much of it is completely free. Therefore it makes it much easier than you might imagine to start a home business with very little money. Actually anyone with a computer and Internet connection right there has the foundation for many businesses that could become profitable with a little determination.

a little money is all you need

Some people may already have a potential idea and the skills or expertise to bring it. The vast majority of us do not. We may have ‘big ideas’ but most are ‘pipe dreams’ that are not feasible unless we already had money and considerable technical skill to develop something on our own. That should in no way deter us from seeing what we CAN DO.

So assuming you are like the majority and have only a desire to create a home business either part-time or full-time, there are many ideas you can find and develop online. If you have just basic computer skills that you may have acquired in your career or even by trial and error on your own, you really do have the building blocks to start something online that can earn you some money in the future.

You may need to begin with a ‘starter’ program just so that you can get your bearings and find out what you need to do to promote a business online. Any business needs to be promoted by advertising and marketing in order to attract paying customers. It is an art but it is not ‘rocket science’ and you could learn easily. Some people learn best by just doing something.

If you were to join for example an affiliate marketing program, they would provide a web page so that you could potentially start earning while you are learning. They also usually have some level of training as far as promoting the program. This information would be applicable to ANY online business.

You can earn money by referrals to the business opportunity as well as by selling their products or services. It doesn’t have to be your life’s dream. It just has to help you get acclimated and get a little experience. There is no commitment beyond month-to-month and usually low monthly membership fees so you are free to stay or go.

In the near future you will have gotten ‘your feet wet’ and feel some level of comfort. At some point you may have determined that you like the Internet marketing industry and are now able to better formulate your ideas and create a plan. At this point you can either expand your portfolio and join more affiliate programs, to give yourself more capacity to earn more money, or you can decide to take a fork in the road.

There are other similar business models to affiliate marketing such as being an ‘independent distributor’ and selling tangible products. This should not mean you need to buy an inventory and you should run from a company that requires you to make a monthly purchase in order to be a distributor. There are lots of very famous companies that you can hook up with free that will provide help for you to get started. You can arrange ‘drop-shipping’ straight from their warehouse to your customer.

Those are just two simple suggestions that are highly doable by today. You will of course have your own ideas when the time comes for you to take action to start a home business!


Working from Home – I’m Just Loving It!

Most people, whether they realize it or not are ‘freedom-loving’. Working from home is a great example of being able to have a life that is free. Not that you can shirk your responsibilities or that you don’t have to work, but it is just the whole dynamic that allows you to be free. It starts with the minute you wake up in the morning. You are not forced to get up at a certain time and rush around madly to get somewhere on time.

love working at home

When you work from home you are free to get up when you wake up. You can then calmly get ready to begin your day in a relaxed and pleasant way. You may have a plan for the day, and maybe not. As long as you realize your priorities and one of the top ones is earning a living. There is a little trick to this and that works only with consistent discipline and motivation. Your business can’t be an after-thought.

You can structure your day around some outside activity since you are free to work the hours you feel are preferable at any given time. So some days you may want to work a little in the morning to cover your bases and see what is going on and then escape. You would come home ready to complete your work day and might work for a few hours or more to get everything done that you need to.

The point is it is up to you and your life is flexible. One of the worst things about a ‘j-o-b’ are the rut-like characteristics of being required to show up at an exact time, leaving at an exact time, etc. If you are working from home you have the freedom to make every day slightly different. Maybe work straight through until done and then close up shop for the day. Maybe stay out all day and work at night.

Seriously if you work at home you can look at the clock as 24-hours – any part of that can be work time where you devote 8 or more hours to your business. It just doesn’t have to be all jammed up into that little 8-hour window you have to get everything done when you are living in a rut.

Of course you have seen all the ‘work in your pajamas’ ads on the Internet. Yes you can, but it gets old pretty fast. You probably want to take a shower and get dressed even if it is into a clean sweat suit or other comfortable ‘casual wear’. Shoes are optional!

There are many circumstances where you can work from home. Many businesses allow ‘telecommuting’ and if you explain the environmental benefits to your employer they may agree to let you work from home at least part of the time. There are freelance opportunities if you have skills that you can sell to clients online, for example copy writing or Internet marketing tasks. The easiest and fastest way to get a business started from home is probably to become an affiliate marketer.

With the affiliate marketing model, you can join a program and they will provide a web page and other resources to help you advertise their program in exchange for earning commissions. You can earn money for referring people to the business opportunity or by selling their products and/or services. You can get started immediately and start building in your spare time while you plan on ‘retiring’ to work from home on a permanent, full-time basis! There should be no contracts or commitments beyond month-to-month so it is easy to try different things until you find something just right for you.

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