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Strategies for Making Money on the Internet

Search engines are the key to everything on the Internet. They are more than just the ‘traffic cops’ – they are the source of information and communication online. Hence, the primary Internet money making strategies involve using search engine optimization (free) and search engine marketing (not so much).



When you first start out with your idea to start a business, all the way to where you are actually taking action to develop and maintain your business online, the search engines will be key to finding the resources you need.

The search engines just need a couple words to describe your idea and they will build on that to give what you what you need to create more ideas, and to provide examples and statistics. Research is really key and you shouldn’t rush through this stage. It is important that you understand all that is involved and to determine whether it is feasible for you at this time to develop your idea. If not then you may find out what it is that is missing and get it, or you may find an alternative idea that you can do now with what you already have.

You should first determine if there is a market for your proposed product or service. There are statistics about the market all over the Internet and you can quickly determine what is hot and what is not. You can find out how many people are searching for that item on a daily basis as well as other demographics, etc. with regard to your idea.

Remember that what you think will be the greatest thing since sliced bread may not interest others – ‘the market’. As such you may have a difficult time selling it. So this is why it is very important to find out what the market is looking for and get it to them. This is one situation where the multiple streams of income theory really comes into play more than ever. You may want to start out with a ‘sure-fire bet’ so that you have an income and then later on try to add your other idea that may not appeal to the market currently.

After you have made a decision on what you want to start with, the next step would be to create a web page that you can promote. Again, here is where you want to primarily focus on search engine optimization, as getting their positive attention can represent free, organic traffic. The reason this is the best traffic (other than because it is free) is that it is ‘targeted’ traffic which means the traffic is actually looking for what you have based on your content’s keywords.

After you find what keywords work best for your situation, these keyword phrases should be used in any advertising and on your web page. The search engine will crawl and index your web page using those keywords and add this information to their database (index). Then when people use those words or phrases to conduct a query, the search engine knows just what links to give them to find what they want, because they are listed in their index.

The way this works, ideally is the seeker will click the links provided by the search engine and be directed to your web site. Since it is not just random traffic they are more likely to convert to a sale as long as they find what they are looking for, etc. This is why doing keyword research is so important. You want your traffic to be targeted to what you have to offer.


Home Business on the Internet Start up

There are many reasons you might want to start a home business. Everybody can always use extra money! There are many possible reasons for this. You may be under-employed. You may be earning less than you need to keep up with the cost of living as your company doesn’t believe in cost of living increases.

mo money

Another possible reason is you may feel you need to pay off some of your bills that are costing you twice as much because of the accruing interest. You may have some medical procedures that require large co-pays or deductible. You may need to replace some high cost appliance in your home or have emergency repairs. You should have some money put away for that ‘just in case’.

A major reason to consider is that it is a very good idea in these uncertain times to have a substantial savings account in case you lose your job or main source of income. It may seem like there is never anything extra to save. Even if all you have is $5 – put it away. On the fun side, you may need some extra money to buy a high ticket item, or take a vacation. Saving money is a good idea if you are starting a business as you will need to survive while you are developing an income.

In any case, a home business can be just the ticket for you.There also may be good tax benefits when you have a home business. If you itemize your deductions, you can claim a percentage of your expenses for housing, utilities, insurance and other costs. These are in addition to the deductible expenses you incur in running your business. Always check on the IRS website yearly as the rules may change, to find out what you are entitled to deduct. Always be sure to keep all your receipts from day one in case of an audit.

Your home business can be done in your spare time. If you need a second income, you will find that coming home after the day job and logging on to the Internet is much simpler than running from Job A to Job B with all the traffic and stress of a double commute. Although you will need to focus when you are working at home, it is so much better that you are there with your family.

If you really like what you are doing in your home business part-time, and have had some success, it is likely that you will want to quit the day job and just work from home. However, it is definitely not recommended to quit your job until you are secure in the knowledge that you have completely replaced your income from your employment.

On the downside, people that are self-employed do not have group medical insurance or other employee benefits like pension, etc. You therefore need to consider these costs. Take your time and develop your business. Be sure you know what you are doing before taking any drastic action. If you really want to you can sure do both the day job and home job at the same time and rack up the bucks!

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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