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Shopping For Home Business Opportunity?

Get Real

When shopping for home business opportunities there is apparently something very exciting and very compulsive about it. People seem like they become crazed like ladies at a close-out shoe sale. I think maybe it is because they want to believe literally and implicitly what they think they are reading – and more or less (maybe purposely) ignore anything that would tell them otherwise (is logical).

People want to get rich right now and they don’t want to work for it. They want to believe there is magic and all their money problems are just about over with. It’s as if people don’t read the fine print. They are seduced by the ‘only $1′ to start and then they don’t seem to understand what ‘start’ means. It means it’s only the beginning. First base.

A free or $1 trial can be a blessing in that you have the ability to read things behind the scenes and have access to resources temporarily so that you can judge for yourself if the program has any worth. You have a chance to find out what the compensation plan is and to decide whether you feel that is acceptable or not before you expend any more energy in that direction.

The deal is there is no commitment as long as you cancel the membership before the trial period is over. When you signed up for the trial you likely gave your credit card or payment information so that the recurring (typically monthly) billing could start as soon as the trial period has lapsed. This should be a major clue that there are other charges beyond the $1. hello?

While you are looking over the program details be sure to find out how much the monthly charge is going to be and determine whether or not you can afford it comfortably. Do not speculate, as in ‘oh, I will surely be earning money in 7-days, 30 days…’. But what if you don’t? Will the mortgage wait? (no) Will they leave the lights on if you don’t pay? (no) So you don’t want to gamble with these essential necessities. Just don’t do it unless you have the money for both your survival and your business opportunity shopping spree.

Realize that ‘you can make money today’ means there is a possibility that you can – it does not mean it is guaranteed in any shape, way or form unless that is stated exactly – what is guaranteed, and by when. Since it is technically illegal for anyone to guarantee how much money you will earn, you should be very wary of anything that says otherwise.

Seriously, unless that company will take money out of their own pocket to pay you what they guarantee, and/or they will literally provide you with paying customers*, then they have no way to foresee the future and cannot legally guarantee anything other than what they can do directly. (*even at that how can they guarantee the customers won’t quit next month?).

Really make a list of what you are signing up for and outline the details. How much is the trial? For how long is the trial? How much does it cost after the trial? Is it per month or what is the arrangement? What OTHER programs did you sign up for? How much are those? What is the TOTAL that you are going to owe now and each month? WHERE will you get this amount? (remember do not speculate).

It is also imperative that you set a budget and stick to it. If you determine after your bills and survival necessities, that you have $50 or $100 left to invest each month in a business, then stick to that, no matter what. Remember that it may really be a big help to you if you can afford to pay for some advertising and marketing; (even though there are also many ways to do things for free online to support your home business opportunities, they take time and effort). So reserve some of your funds for that purpose. Go slow and plan wisely so that you do not ‘get in over your head’ or almost as bad, get in a big rush and then just give up before you have given it a fair chance because you ‘can’t afford it’.


4 Sure-fire Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated for Home Business Success

Home business success requires internal and external motivation. Externally, motivation basically involves rewards that people work for that move them the desired direction to achieve their goals. The main psychological factors that motivate people are recognition, money, success, fame, work satisfaction and teamwork

Keep Yourself Motivated for Home Business Success

True and lasting motivation often comes from within. When a person faces a difficult task or situation they often feel discouraged and lack motivation to move forward. This can often lead to a reduction of the driving force or power, behind accomplishing any task. When you are trying to run and grow your own business this lack of motivation can mean the difference between success and failure.

The key to maintaining motivation is to learn to form a positive attitude for your own capabilities. The two major things that contribute towards this are; what expectations you have for yourself and what value you place on accomplishing your goals, because the more you value finishing a task, the more motivated you’ll feel. If you don’t place value on a particular goal or task, it will only contribute to your lack of motivation.

There are a number of ways to keep yourself motivated to achieve home business success

Firstly, be realistic in assessing your capabilities. Stop thinking that you have to be the best in everything. No one is perfect. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. If you take the time to learn what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at it will help you to improve your capabilities, which in turn will help you stay motivated.

Secondly, if you experience failure, don’t beat yourself up. Instead try to keep a positive attitude especially in situations that can’t be controlled. Also make sure you don’t underestimate even when you are faced with challenges that you don’t think you can handle. Always try to focus on the things you can control and look for ways that you can do things differently to help you reach your end goal.

Thirdly be honest when you assess your performance. Did you give a 100 percent? If you feel you have and still did not achieve your goals, don’t lose your motivation or commitment. Instead of giving up, change your strategy.

Lastly, be responsible for your behavior. Do not blame others or make excuses when things don’t go as planned. Instead, take time to develop your skills so that the next time you try you can improve your results. Avoid getting trapped into the “I can’t or don’t want to” cycle of self-doubt. Instead, take responsibility for your actions and keep moving towards achieving your goals. This steady momentum-building will, in turn, help keep you motivated as you grow your business.


How to use the power of the internet and start earning multiple streams of income

There are many ways to make money online including your own e-commerce store, affiliate programs, email marketing, and other ways to earn multiple income streams.

Make Money Online

The experienced internet entrepreneur will most likely have multiple streams of income from a well-designed online marketing strategy. But the first step before marketing can begin is the development of the business vision itself. How can you develop an effective marketing plan if you don’t really have a business plan?

The Internet is the land of opportunity and variety. There are multiple ways to become an entrepreneur.

  • Develop your own Internet-based business
  • Buy an online franchise
  • Open a store on eBay
  • Join Yahoo Merchant Solutions
  • Sell on an auction site
  • Become an Amazon Marketplace seller
  • Become a referral service for a shopping site

Many people are aware of the various types of online business formats that are available. Savvy online vendors will often combine one or more formats in order to generate maximum revenue, and that is where the power of the internet is increased exponentially.

When you visit eBay stores, there is often an embedded link on the site. The link will take the shopper to the vendor’s website where additional products or services are offered. These vendors sell through eBay and through their own website. It’s like having two websites to attract thousands of potential customers. Income will flow from both sites.

A smart business will expand their income streams by building an email list of prospects and customers, and follow up with those people regularly to promote their own products, and products they are affiliated with which also relate to the customer’s interests. In this way, they are adding additional income streams to their online business.

A great example of a system which helps new internet entrepreneurs develop multiple streams of income is the Plug-In Profit Site. Even people with no experience in internet marketing can sign up for the Plug-In Profit Site service and get their own website setup to start earning multiple streams of affiliate income within 24 hours. It includes the products, and the email follow up system so much of the work needed to start earning income online is already completed. This allows new online entrepreneurs to get started quickly and expand their online income streams over time.

That’s the beauty of the internet. New technologies and systems appear every day that make it easier than ever before to start a business online, and develop a reliable income. Keep in mind that to make full use of the opportunities to create income online, you should implement more than one income-producing strategy or business model. In this way, you can create multiple streams of income growing at all times which will provide you with greater security and freedom. Isn’t it time you started earning money online? ?

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