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Starting a Business – Do What You Love and Love What You Do

It is absolutely true that we do best at what we like to do. In your career you are very fortunate if you have a job that you completely love. This might only really be possible if you decided early in your life what you want to ‘be’ and took the action to get the education or training to do what you wanted to do. Starting a business is another chance.

Many people see a job as only a means to an end – it pays the bills. They tolerate it out of necessity only. Within reason they are willing to put in the time and follow the directions to keep that position. Some will try to exceed expectations so that they might be promoted to a better-paying job someday.

If that doesn’t happen in a reasonable period of time, and they have confidence and self-esteem, they will make a promotion happen even if they have to look outside of their present company to find a better job. Or if you are very creative and brave, you may develop your own business.

Long gone are the days when people got a job and stayed there for their entire career, slowly and sometimes painfully ‘working themselves up the corporate ladder’. In fact in some cases when it comes to ‘downsizing’ or ‘workforce reduction’ in our economic climate for the past few decades, it is often those that are the higher paid or more experienced employees that are cut.

Unfortunately loving your job and doing your very best doesn’t count for anything when a company has decided to make changes. They do not see people – they see positions. It is hard for us to understand how they can be so cold, but ‘that’s business’. It’s about the bottom line, making the most profit and not about doing what is right for the employees necessarily.

So if you are in a position to start a business of your own, you might as well do something that you love to do if possible; or another way to look at it is to do what you have to do and love it. Sometimes there has to be trade-offs – so you may be required to perform some tasks you are not crazy about. To stay on top of this, you may have to enumerate the things you do love about working at home, and there is a lot to love.

If you are starting out and have to work a day job and create ‘spare’ time to nurture a budding business, it will not be as easy to realize what is so preferable about working from your home unless you really like what you are doing; or at the very least might be doing something in an industry that you find attractive or necessary.

Think about how great doing your work at the time(s) when you feel like it is, and having the freedom to do something else whenever the opportunity arises (and do the work later of course); think about all the money you are saving on transportation to and from a job – add it up – the gas, parking, bridge tolls, etc; then realize how much you will not miss the stress of commuting in traffic and all that this can involve, for example (the freeway that is more like a parking lot during rush hour(s).

Just these alone are major things to love about having your own business at home! In addition, you can enjoy the peaceful, quiet atmosphere and just the feeling of control you will have by taking charge of your own life; …and it would even add more impetus to ‘work it’ if it is something that you are interested in – for example if you can create a business from a hobby or interest that you have. This would go a long way to encourage you to expend your energy in that direction.

There is a saying that is ‘some people work to live and others live to work’ – You have to really enjoy working to set yourself up with a day job and a part-time home business – of course the idea there is to someday quit the day job and to support yourself entirely from your own business at home!


Starting a New Business – Staying Positive

It could be that one reason life presents challenges is that we would be easily bored if it didn’t. Another reason some believe is that overcoming difficulty builds character and makes us stronger. There is probably truth to both those beliefs. So certainly starting a new business, while not ‘rocket science’, is going to present some obstacles.

One major obstacle is mindset – whether it is your own negativity or those who are close to you – your spouse, family and/or friends. For some reason they are going to be the most critical, and where you might expect a supportive and affirming atmosphere, you are likely going to encounter negativity about your new venture.

Another real true theory that is relevant here is ‘fear of the unknown’, and maybe that is what scares people and makes them so wary of going out on a limb to try something new or different. Even an element of jealousy there perhaps in that they may never have acted on any of their dreams, assuming they were unrealistic; but you are – because you are brave enough and bright enough where maybe they don’t feel that they are.

The other way mindset can be an obstacle to a new business start-up is getting discouraged when you don’t make money right away as you thought you would. Still another related thought is having unrealistic expectations with regard to the amount of time it will take to develop a successful business. If you are not realistic you are going to set yourself up for self-imposed failure because you will end up quitting without giving it a fair chance.

We have to be logical because so much ‘hype’ makes it seem so effortless and as if you will earn a fortune just by joining a program and doing nothing. NOTHING could be further from the truth. In reality we EARN what money we make and in fact with your own business you may need to work TWICE as hard to earn money until you get the ‘well-oiled’ machine running at optimal levels to create your success on ‘autopilot’.

Because there is a learning curve and there are lots of obstacles to overcome, we need to guard against being discouraged at all times. Discouragement is the opposite of motivation. We need to stay motivated at all times and to refuse to be discouraged. We may have to do mental exercises as part of our process on an ongoing basis. Even talking to yourself to say how everything is great, how you are fine and doing a good job can really help to strengthen your resolve to succeed. No matter what negative thought or comment may come to mind, we have to counter that with something positive.

Since you are in new territory and have not yet built up your skill or expertise in the field, to give you confidence, you may need to rely on things you have done in the past that made you feel proud or strong. Think about all of your accomplishments no matter how small you think they are, and even write them down. Go all the way back to your childhood and remember everything you can about times where you were feeling good about yourself. Then keep those facts close at hand in your mind so that you can call on them when you start to feel like you are losing the battle against negativity. Believe you can succeed in starting a new business and that you will go far with it.

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Get Started Now to Earn Extra Money Online

Nobody can know what is just around the corner. While we hope for the best it might be that we are going to lose our source of income someday unexpectedly. Unfortunately that is not the time to try to start a business unless we have saved money and have severance pay and/or unemployment insurance.

In other words, unless you have money to live on, you need to focus on getting a job rather than to speculate on starting a business online. Nobody knows how long it will take you to develop a source of income from your own business and while it is much, much less expensive to start a business on the Internet than it is offline, it is going to take some resources – for sure your time and effort, and possibly some money if you have it, will make things much easier to be possible.

It is preposterous and sad to hear people that are only at the stage of trying to learn how to navigate the Internet and really not even on first-base yet, being fearful about not making the rent or the car payment. This of course puts them in the desperate category and this is bad for a whole bunch of reasons.

First of all when people are desperate that is when they are most vulnerable – they can make unwise decisions because they are not thinking clearly but are instead emotional – and with good reason, but we need to try not to get in this kind of a mess. Also not the best environment if you are in a rush; it’s just not possible to rush some things (unless of course you have a lot of money, which the majority do not).

If you don’t have a contingency plan (savings, etc), good luck on starting a business living under a bridge or in your car. Sounds melodramatic but it does happen even to professionals – let alone people (the majority) who live from paycheck to paycheck. It is much smarter to try to find at least a part-time job FIRST so that you have some income that you can count on. If you can start this while you STILL have unemployment benefits you can report your income and this will result in your benefits being stretched longer.

So the point is do not wait until you are ‘between a rock and a hard place’ to decide to earn some extra money to save or pay down your bills. Do it while you have an income and a place to live, etc. Don’t be in denial about the possibility of needing to survive without a job in the future. It can happen in a heartbeat. Don’t think because you try so hard to do a good job, and get so many compliments that the business would hesitate to let you go if their bottom line depended on it or their superiors directed them to reduce the workforce immediately.

That is just how the world economy is these days. It is nothing personal. However you do need to get your head out of the sand and take action today so that you are prepared financially in case it happens to you. Look at it as using your time wisely and instead of surfing the net just for fun, start doing some research on how you could earn extra money online in your spare time today.

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